Our Story

Women live a life of multiple roles, mother, partner, housekeeper, employer, entrepreneur, volunteer, carer etc. During the process of fulfilling our responsibilities to all these roles we often become entangled in their daily demands, causing us to lose focus of our long term goals. Striving to meet our own high standards can sometimes mean we become our own worst critic. All this can have a counter effect on our wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence. Whilst juggling and jumping between our different roles and responsibilities we may often be pulled in different directions that cause us to feel conflicted or confused. 

“I really can’t miss the next work meeting, but it’s my sons schools play.”

 “Setting up this business would be my dream come true but Its going to take so much of my time away from my family, shouldn’t they be my main priority now?”. 

“I can’t do that! i don’t have the experience, it would take too long to achieve it and I don’t have the free time”

Under these circumstances we can lose sight of ourselves, of our personal desires, and of our ambitions. During these moments it is important to get back in touch with who we are, away from our daily demands. It is only when we clarify our desires that we can clarify our purpose. 

Our Goal

Our Goal at Plan Be is to help you make positive changes and create a solid strategy for achieving your goals and living your life with purpose and meaning. The coaching space is free of judgment and personal opinions. During the sessions you will be asked profound and challenging questions that will push you to look within and discover your own answers, allowing you to live more authentically and in line with your true values. Clients have reported that the process leaves them feeling empowered and able to rely on themselves for direction long after the coaching sessions are over.

Our Approach

Plan Be is based on the study of Positive Psychology which looks at the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive. Positive Psychology breaks away from classic psychology approaches that focus on what is wrong or ‘broken’ with the individual in order to fix them. Instead it takes on a holistic approach inclusive of wellbeing, happiness, flow, personal strengths, wisdom, creativity, resilience, and other positive characteristics in order to help the individual utilise those elements to flourish in other areas of their life where they may feel stuck, and lacking focus or direction.

Positivity is contagious, therefore Positive Psychology does not just focus on the individual’s quest for happiness, it goes beyond that to enrich the life around the individual too. For instance, if you start to feel more hopeful and happier, you may find you have more energy to play with your children, or arrange time with a friend, or you might feel more inspired and creative to tackle that business idea. The positive ripple effects are endless.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions please visit the FAQ page or get in contact