Positive Emotions + How to Increase them.

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘Misery loves company’ , and I am sure just as many of us have probably had our happiness balloon deflated as a result of somebody else’s misery weighing it down. But this is not the only way misery can find company. I’ll bet my last Rolo that I am not the only one to have had one small negative event in my day lead to a domino effect of negative events. Then before you know it that one isolated negative experience has turned into one big angry bag of F***’s I shouldn’t have given. Well, there is good news! We can also experience a domino effect of positive emotions. Yes! And not only that, these accumulating positive emotions can also expand the way we think.

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Defining Your Happiness

Here is a little riddle for you…what one thing do we all want more of, strive for daily, speak of often, is internationally recognised, yet we all have different definitions of what it is?

Yup, its HAPPINESS! A subject that has been addressed, pondered and argued about since the fifth century BC when Confucius, Buddha, Lao-Tse and Socrates asked the question,

“What is true happiness and how is it to be attained?”

This is a question many of us are still asking ourselves, and if that includes you then read on to find out how you can define your happiness and be better equipped to acquire it.

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