Turn One Day Into Day One

Are you seeking to achieve balance in your life but feel unsure of where to start? Do you lack the motivation, enthusiasm or confidence to set your dreams and plans into motion? Well donโ€™t give up on yourself, positive change is possible and Positive Psychology Coaching may be the answer to help you gain control.

Hello, I am Priscilla and I created Plan Be to empower smart and ambitious women like you to re-write their own story and live to their fullest potential.

Together we can clarify your goals and create strategies to achieve them. Through coaching we will eliminate that negative mindset, increase your confidence and apply the right tools so that you can Be Your Best Self.

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Our Mission

Plan Be strives to help women take decisive action and create positive change.

Our Vision

We want women to become their own hero, to feel empowered to rewrite their own rules and create their own vision of what a successful life should be.